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We can provide CNC & Laser cutting and engraving services to you on a variety of materials. This can provide you with an endless number of options to go ahead with. In other words, there is something for everyone in our collection of materials.

Here’s a quick overview of the materials that we offer:


If you are looking for durable and lightweight signage, plastic is the best material available to go ahead with. We provide CNC machining services on plastics while ensuring perfection.  You will be able to get a high quality experience from us at the end of the day. We make sure that the colors don’t fade away along with time. You will be able to receive the best investment from us in the long run. We also provide cutting & engraving on a variety of plastic types as well.


Wood has always maintained a rich reputation for elegant looks. If you are looking forward to enhance the look and feel of your interiors or exteriors with a touch of elegance, you can simply go ahead with wood. Following are the types of wood that we work with.


We also have the expertise and technology to provide CNC machining on metal as well. Metal is heavy, but you will be able to receive utmost durability from them. For outdoor applications, metal is the perfect option to consider.  We work with the following metals.

Other materials

We are not just limited to these materials. We also have the ability to work with many other materials and deliver outstanding results to you. If you have any specific requirements for another material, please get in touch with us.

Following are the other materials that we are capable of working with.

However, we are not limited only to these and we can help you with getting your specific requirements catered at the end of the day.

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