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Laser Services

CNC604 can Laser Engrave or Laser Cut any design on almost any material. If you want to personalize or decorate an item, laser engraving is a great method available to go with. If not Laser Engraving then we can always do Full Color UV printing.

We can provide you with the chance to get your hands on the best laser engraving services. We can adhere to the specific requirements that you have and make sure that you get the best possible results in the end.

We have the technology and expertise to help you get laser engraving done on a variety of materials. They include:


MDF is a composite panel, which is made out of wood fibers. It is easy to work with, economical and isotropic.


Plywood is a type of wood, which is based upon veneer layers. It is durable and economical as well. We offer many different species of plywood with variable thicknesses.


Acrylic is lightweight and tough. It comes along with excellent light transmission as well. We can provide you with laser engraving on acrylic in different colors and thicknesses.


Hardwood comes in a variety of species and multiple thicknesses. Hardwood is very rigid and gets used for heavy duty applications and can look very high end.


We have the capability to engrave metals like Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass and more. We are the first providers in British Columbia that can provided colored engraving onto metal! Yes we said colored engraving!

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